Thursday, October 6, 2011

More musings

What's with all these suitcases with the long handles and wheels on the bottom? WHEELS!!!
And people are actually strolling down the sidewalk pulling these along behind them---with the wheels rolling over ...God knows what: hock-wads; mud patches; dog crap...
And how does one navigate cracks in the sidewalk, uneven slabs, potholes?  Or crossing the street? If a car makes a sudden turn "right into you" unexpectedly, how do you "get out of their way" just as quickly? I would think pulling these babies behind you would impair one's flexibility in terms of agility.
Have people in general become so lame they're not able to carry their own luggage anymore?
And why is it always this one person---in the middle of town---strolling down the sidewalk dragging these suitcases behind them? Nowhere near the airport or the bus station... They're just pulling this thing behind them just all by themselves... ???

Have you ever noticed, when you're around a university campus area, how all college students have the same personalities? Nobody ever has their own individual character. Everyone is so cliche.
"College kids" remind me of the menu at McDonalds: you know, where everything comes from the same source, but is put in different containers? Pffft: Big Mac...Pfffft: Choclate shake....Pfffft: Apple pie
Well, it's that way with college students as well: Pfffft: Clueless "suburbanite" student....Pfffft: sorority bitch...Pfffft: Jock....Pffffft: Domineering "boyfriend"....Pfffft: "Minority" student....Pffffft: "Asian" student....Pfffft: Token geek....Pfffft: Punk rocker....Pfffft: Dopey lobotomized "skateboarder" dude....Pfffft: "Bicyclist"....Pffffft: Jogger.....Pffffft: Fitness freak....Pffffft: Stick-in-the-mud "femme fatale"....Pfffft: "Girlish" co-ed who acts likes she's still in grade school....Pfffft: Non-stop talkative "socialite" chronic butt-kisser....
Sometimes I wonder how anyone can write stories, movies, or television shows around the "college environment". It must take a few hat tricks of poetic license to pull those off, as a real-life portrayal of average college students would never lend itself to any possibilities of character development. For in order for there to be "character development" one must first have character to develop in the first place. But in the real-life college campus environment, FORGET IT!!! 

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