Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More musings

Today at the laundromat, when I dried my "lights-and-whites", some of my towels and washrags came out shredded in spots.
I ended up having to cut out numerous loose threads after I got home.
Seems someone's coat zipper broke off and got stuck in the frame housing the dryer's lint filter, with the sharp broken ends sticking out, shredding the garments of the subsequent unsuspecting customers.
I don't know who the culprit was, the one who tore their jacket off the inside of the dryer and failed to notify the attendant-in-charge, but I'm guessing it was probably some stupid college kid. (This laundromat gets a lot of business from nearby Ohio State  University.) Anytime something is all-fucked-up I always blame "some stupid college kid".
Just something about "educated mother-fuckers"---they usually "don't seem to know very much".

That's what's always bothered me about the way society worships the "college crowd".  Like they're such geniuses already simply becaused they passed a GPA test in high school and get accepted at an accredited university.
They're just getting started already---they haven't even had a chance to prove anything by themselves yet.

The true geniuses are the ones who get honorary degrees AFTER achieving something great, substantial, or meritable. They're the ones who are able to figure things out on their own just out of simple curiosity and self-motivation.
Often they would otherwise not have much to show for themselves---in some cases not even having as much as a high school diploma.

I think the most successful people are not necessarily the brightest or most able. It's usually the most confident types. The one's who never have self-esteem problems.
They've always been patted-on-the-head and reassured how "special" they are. Hence, without self-doubt and self-consciousness or any other kind of psychological stumbling blocks distracting them they're able to stay focused and proceed unfettered. Even if they're not the sharpest cookies in the world they can still accomplish more than, say, someone who does have greater aptitude, but who suffer from a lot of "personal issues" they can't get off their minds long enough to relax and stay focused on anything.
The success of the "most confident" might account for all this incompetence we suffer from the business and professional realms. A little more patience with the "unsure" but sharp-and-more-aware could yield better overall results in the long run---but the world always "wants results now", so they always give the tasks to whoever is the quickest and has answers on the tip of their tongue.

It is kind of disgusting, really---the way society and the world are always fawning over the intelligentsias and academiacs.
Honestly, the academic circles are little more than regimented social and country clubs. And it's members are always obsessed with the latest trends, fitting in with the right crowd by looking and behaving in the proper demographic manner (the right clothes, using the right terminology and vernacular), and all sorts of self-image obsessive.
And the problem with those who are "more intelligent and knowledgable than you are" and who are "always right" is that when such people DO "fuck it all up" you can't point out their mistakes to them. It's like: "Are you sure it's not something YOU did?" ...or "No way! We know what WE'RE doing---and we never do shit like that."

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