Monday, October 3, 2011

Fellow Libras

Coming up in another week---give or take---my 57th birthday. October 12.
Alright, so MY birthday is certainly nothing "eventful"---but there ARE a handful of others from around this time of year who's birthdays are more noteworthy:

The late former Beatle, John Lennon: he would have turned 71 this Sunday if he was still with us.

Singer-songwriter Paul Simon, already a living legend, turns 70 a week from Thursday (the 13th).
"How terribly strange to be seventy." Actually, reality itself is always the same no matter where you're at in life. He was still in his 20s when he wrote that back in 1967 ...or 1968.

And an honorary mention of South Korean actress Bae Doo Na. You don't know who she is? Obviously you've never followed Korean dramas (or movies). Ms. Bae is probably one of the most talented character actresses ever in the history of cinema---in this case we're talking world-wide cinema. (As opposed to just that of one country or of one region, etc.). She definitely has the "getting into character" thing down-pat. To this day I STILL don't know what kind of personality she has---but I know the characters she played on each of the three dramas I saw in which she played the main characters ...I know THOSE characters by heart. And I'm sure in real life she's nothing like any of them.
Anyway, Bae Doo Na turns 32 on Tuesday, October 11 (Korean time, that is---she was born in Seoul on October 11 1979---which, by the way, was on a Thursday. However, on this here North American continent, that could mean it might be still-Monday-night, the 10th, when she turns 32).

And, finally, is Chuck Berry still living? If so, he'll turn 85 on October 18---which is a Tuesday. Is October 18 still in the "Libra" range? I'm not sure. But I don't care---Happy Birthday Charlie, just the same. 

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