Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just don't call it "Immigration"

"Illegal immigrant"...what the hell is an "illegal immigrant"?

I don't know if anyone has ever thought about it before, but that term is an oxymoron. It's literally inaccurate and really makes no sense.

One cannot immigrate to another country unless said country makes it official. It has to be on record with the government of whatever country one's "moving to" that said individual has applied and has "been accepted" into said country as a "naturalized citizen" in order for said individual to be doing anything there besides just visiting---or even merely physically present in that country's territory, but maybe without the knowledge of any of their officials.

To immigrate requires abiding by whatever legal proceedings said desired country has for determining "eligibility" for being accepted into their society---and also of being able to meet their requirements for such as well. If you're lucky enough to be accepted by said country's government officials, then you become a citizen of said country. It's all a matter of paperwork and legalities.

To which I ask: What do you call someone who simply manages to enter into a strange country of which they're not a citizen---even somehow bypassing the customs officials at the borders---and then proceeds to simply start casually residing there the same way they did back in the country they come from?

Certainly not a citizen. An invader---in the legal sense, maybe. Granted, this person might otherwise not cause any problems for anyone---but the fact remains: this person should be just "visiting" and not hanging around for "the long run" as they haven't even entered this country legally so as to even have lawful entitlement to visit or to "just explore", being that they didn't even go through customs---which is always legally required, even for returning citizens of said country, who themselves have been "out of the country". This person's not even supposed to be here at all---and they're trying to LIVE here.

People who enter another country unlawfully are not immigrants. They're not even "visitors". They are INVADERS. They may not be dangerous ones necessarily or pose any kind of threats or anything of that nature...but they're still "invading" in the legal sense---a.k.a. internationally trespassing. 

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