Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One may feel eternally ostracized and intentionally left out of the scheme of things, always getting "crowded out" by everyone else around them.

However, it could also be that you're among the "displaced".

There's only so much of anything to go around:  time, space, money, resources.
The "favored" and prominent are always going to be offered "first choice", with whatever's left to be distributed among the lesser important.  

Those who "matter" are always accommodated and those who "don't count" either get pushed aside or get access to "whatever's available" afterwards.

                            The above is my Musing For Today


  1. Once again "money talks". The more a person has, the more "favoured" they are.

  2. Let's not forget prestige either.
    The more friends, influential relatives, and influential social connections one has the more power they have, even if its just provincially. Think "small town politics". Small town people are often very poor. But they have their own social rank system based on who's the "most liked" or who's the "best buddy" of the majority of residents there.

    And also, different groups and organizations have their own "secret societies" with their own sets of "favored" individuals as well.

  3. And what makes them the "most liked"? If they don't have money, it tends to be how attractive they are, or who they know.