Tuesday, July 26, 2016

                 Respect and Consideration For Others

...they teach it to you when you're growing up.

The mandates that dictate one is obligated to unconditionally treat all others around them like aristocrats and monarchs regardless of how crude, sloppy or mediocre they may be.
That doing or saying anything "offensive" to anyone is such a "crime against humanity" as to warrant total persecution.

And that most everyone else are not obliged to abide by the same ethos of social ethics one is being held to.  They're allowed to live and behave freely, even to the point of being obnoxious and abusive if they're so inclined.  While one is still expected to be self-restrained as one doesn't dare do or say anything others may find "outrageous" or "offensive" lest one "deserves" whatever retaliation one may incur as a result.

And society's always on the side of those "others" as they are among one's "superiors" 
...that in addition to being among society's "jewels".


  1. I grew up in the 60s when parents, teachers and grandparents would constantly drum into my head the "need to" be considerate and fair, coupled with harsh repercussions for even innocent faux pas.
    All while suffering slobs, snobs and bullies at school and enduring insults and being mocked.
    In spite of being logically and morally sound in concept and theory I still felt there to be an element of hypocrisy and duplicity in all these common perfunctory social etiquette and social graces.
    A lot of them seem fabricated and cliche/ritualistic.