Friday, July 29, 2016

                            What we have here, people,
                   is a failure to communicate

One time, when I was talking to my mother and my sister, I happen to ask about a past acquaintance of theirs I haven't seen in a while, and both of them gasped and looked at me quite mortified.
Unbeknownst to me this acquaintance apparently died of cancer a couple of years earlier.
Of course they chided me for my "insensitivity" just for bringing it up, as if I intended to be tactless instead of just curious.

On another occasion a medical facility changed it's address on me and, in trying to determine how far away it was for me to get to now, I walked the whole distance to it.  Upon which I was informed at the reception desk about a courtesy shuffle service which would take me to and from the main hospital, which was much closer to where I lived.
The shuttle driver, when I explained my situation, went on about "You're not the first person to get confused about the location.  A lot of people don't know about the (transportation) services offered.  The thing is, they don't advertise (about the shuttle service or of other alternatives), so people don't know about these things".

In spite of iPhones and the internet, communication in American society continues to be really bad.
When they want to sell you furniture or a car, or anything else you either can't afford or would never be interested in buying anyway, they can't throw that stuff in your face enough.
But, when it comes to what you SHOULD know about or be aware of, they seem to want to keep such things some kind of "trade secret".

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