Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Song Analysis: It Came Out Of The Sky

I think when the lyrics to this song get examined there's too much emphasis on the object Jody retrieved that came from some unknown source when, in fact, the crux of the song involves the responses from all the various factions who respond to, and try to exploit, Jody's unusual dilemma.

The Vatican, the U.S. government, the media, the press, Hollywood, the scientists.  Each one has their own idea of what this "mystery object" is, what its purpose is and where it belongs.

And each one of these otherwise "respectable" factions try to cajole and browbeat poor Jody into surrendering ownership of this "mystery object" to them, convinced such action is for some "greater good".

Jody (most likely some "poor schmuck" who lives in a shack or some flop house) finally gets fed up with all the obvious attempted exploitation by all of these alleged "legitimate" factions who cannot even universally agree on what's "appropriate" for this unknown object, and finally blurts out a "final proposition" of his own:  "It's MINE, and you can have it for $16million!"

Summary: This song actually parodies the way each person, group, institution and organization exists inside their own vacuum, each with their own myopic worldviews and perspectives.  And how no matter what it is they're observing or judging their conclusions are always going to be based on and obscured by whatever myopic perspectives they themselves harbor.

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