Sunday, July 31, 2016

                       Workplace Ritual   

                                                        You spent hours:
                                                Getting files in order
                                                Finishing other people's assignments
                                                Cleaning up the office
                                                Getting other things in order

After four straight hours of this you finally head to the break room to get a well-deserved coffee break.

It's when you're sitting there, all slouched down in your chair with coffee cup in hand, that the boss walks on by, stares right at you face-to-face, and exclaims facetiously "My, aren't WE really busy today!".


  1. Blimey that happens with my partner every day. As soon as I sit my arse down in the chair at my computer, guess who appears? It drives me insane.

    1. Do you two not share housecleaning and maintenance duties?
      You make it sound (a little) like you're the one who's expected to do everything.