Sunday, July 31, 2016

                More Apartment Dwelling Blues

One downside of living in a "subsidized housing" unit are these frequent inspections the management keeps imposing on their tenants.
It wouldn't be so bad if not for their insisting on the units being freshly cleaned and spotless ("all trash removed").
It's a hassle having to do all these "cosmetic makeovers" if I was putting my unit up for sale, or trying to make it somehow resemble the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria.

I lived in a "regular" apartment building some years back (you know: where you pay full rent plus utilities).
The landlord was an incompetent boob who never fixed anything unless it was an emergency situation, but at least he never "pulled rank" on his tenants.
One night I was pissed off at the noisy tenants above me and banged on the door leading to the basement so hard it practically brought the whole building down.  The tenants living in the unit aside from me (on the same level) complained about it and a couple days later I simply explained to the landlord what actually happened and that I overreacted, and he just shrugged, like "Oh. Okay."

He didn't play any "authority card" or anything like that.  It wasn't any "Well they said you were trying to break their door down, and they were frightened and felt threatened!"  Nothing like that.
Now, if it were the police, well then, that's how it might have gone down.  The police are always notorious for engaging in such retarded nonsense.
But, then again, the police are always looking for a reason to "add more criminals to" their respective society, because the truth is---there just aren't enough armed robbers and serial rapists roaming around to justify their unending omnipresence.   And domineering types are egocentrics who can't stand to be embarrassed or shown up.  So they have to create a "cosmetic dressing up" out of the social climate at hand to make their presence appear meritable.

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