Monday, July 18, 2016

One thing I don't get about this plethora of construction work that's been plaguing ...well ...uhhh ...permeating all of society lately (in the past ten years or so)---well, actually, there are several things I don't get about this recent influx of "repair/restoration obsessive"

...One:  Why is it necessary for work to start at some ridiculous early-morning hour---like, say, 6:00 A.M. or 7:00 A.M.?  Just because they're "early birds" they think everyone else should be active and awake at the same hours too.

...Two:  Don't they ever get the weekends off anymore?  Like, say, Saturdays---for those who are Jewish ...and Sundays---the traditional "sacred cow" day---for those of other more traditional Christian faiths.  And for those who are either atheists or "casual believers" not affiliated with any established denominations Friday and Saturday nights could be "watching a movie late at night and popping open a few beers then sleeping in the next day".

But no-o-o-o-ope!!!  They have to work the crews in shifts, coming in every fucking day of the god-damn week.   Starting promptly at 6 or 7 in the god-damn morning.  Right outside our god-damn residential windows.   No "sleeping in" for us, eh?

And it goes on for hours and hours.  Cacophonous racket, non-stop.   "Quality-of-life"?  Forget it!  Not for YOU!!!  
Obviously we're just not that important enough to "matter" to society.  Their fanatical/obsessive "reinvention" projects are the "end-all" as far as "the system" is concerned, as of lately.

...Three:  How come they never wait until they've finished one project before they start the next one ...and the next one ...and the next one?
The streets and structures just about everywhere are so "butchered up" you can't hardly go anywhere by way of the "usual" route.  You constantly have to figure out a roundabout way to get to your destinations.  It's getting so I dread "having to go somewhere" anymore.

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