Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Song Analysis: Get Off Of My Cloud

This song is actually a commentary on "being violated".

It takes place in a high-rise apartment building, involving one unit of free-wheeling "feel-good" party animals who enjoy loud fun ...and the tenant below them who's more reclusive and just wants to go about his life without undue interference from noisy neighbors.

In verse two lead singer Mick Jagger role-plays the upstairs partyers who get annoyed at a phone call from the tenant below them in which he asks them in a flippant manner "Just because YOU 'feel so good' does it mean you 'have to' drive me out of my head?", feeling their right to have a good time is being "violated".

In verse three Jagger then role-plays the reclusive tenant below who just gives up and "takes a drive downtown" and parks on a deserted street where it's "so very nice and peaceful and quiet" and manages to grab a few winks before waking up to a windshield full of parking tickets.
Feeling universally "violated" by this whole affair he utters various retorts as he feels he was forced into taking this course of action due to the adverse circumstances he was under.
Of course the reason he got ticketed was on account of his violating parking ordinances.

This song, essentially, is about the fact that "violating" and "being violated" are both two-way streets.  That there are never any actual designated "culprits" or "victims".   Any and all things work both ways.

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