Friday, April 7, 2017

All my life I've heard "You can't say that on the radio" and "You can't do that on television".
The censors always ruled when it came to the written, spoken, or staged.

Now there's a vague threat of that same thing happening to the Internet.
The internet has long been the refuge of those who seek unbridled and unrestrained self-expression of their deeper passions, attitudes, prejudices, and revelations of things most consider delusional, improper and inappropriate, or not in line with common beliefs and assumptions.
Unlike television, radio or magazines the internet always had this subtle "anything goes" demeanor about itself.

But a dark threat is looming around the corner.  That the time will finally come when everyone will say "You can't post that on the internet".
When the censors will finally also take over cyberspace and the internet will become like everything else in society:
*Another bastion of "correct thinking and behaving", where anything eccentric or unorthodox is looked upon as being "inappropriate" or "offensive"
*Another area dominated by the most popular and most privileged and influential
*Hidebound and over-regulated by anal-minded laws

               The above is my Musing For Today

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