Friday, April 7, 2017

                                    Burned-out on blogging?
Is it just my imagination, or are a lot of bloggers becoming more and more lax, posting less and less frequently?

Maybe everyone's run out of things to say.
That anything of significance worth pointing out has already "been said and done" dozens of times already.  Either "by now you get it or you don't".  That there is, for the most part, "no more to say".

Anymore most of the cerebral blog sites one comes across seem to be focusing on political dystopia and the eternally ongoing "Hatfields vs. McCoys" type relationships between the different races, religions, belief systems, nationalities, political partisan factions, and men and women.

I'm hoping "the art of blogging" doesn't end up "burning out" on itself.


  1. I've been blogging less simply because my mother is in hospital and my spare time is taken up with that. Sods law really, as now I have more to blog about.

    I've never written about anything of significance anyway, only about the small crap that goes on in my life, so as long as I still have some sort of life I won't stop blogging. Sorry, ha!

    1. This post is more of a collective overview than it is about any one particular site.

      I go all over the place whenever I go on the internet, so it's pretty much a general commentary. Not directed toward anyone in particular

  2. I know but I thought I'd just write a comment from a personal point of view. As for the blogs I follow I'm finding the opposite, people are blogging more, in fact I can't keep up with them.

    1. How many times a day do some of them post?