Thursday, April 20, 2017

Every normal man must, at times, be tempted to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats
                                           H    L    Mencken
Essentially, taking offense or being offensive is really not that much of a big deal.
Everything can't be to the liking of any one person, nor can the actions of everyone around us be to our liking.

The problem I have is that the world deems it such an immoral act to "offend another".  It's like the ultimate "sacred cow" to "never offend anyone".
As for those who would ever "butcher the sacred cow", they deserve nothing less than whatever revenge their society deems fit as retaliation for such a grave infraction.
The other guy is always more important than you are.   Their lives matter and yours don't.  Those in authority will always stand behind those who make even the slightest complaint against you (like the "good little 'community hatchet men'" they are).
Why those who file complaints against you also have so much authority and prestige of their own as well, who knows.....
Do they suddenly become "deputized" the minute someone does or says anything they find "offensive"?

Seriously, "being offended" is purely subjective.   It just means someone or something "rubbed you the wrong way" somehow.
It's just a personal reaction to words or deeds that either made you uncomfortable or that you think are inappropriate or destructive to the context in which said words are uttered or said deeds are done.
It's strictly a matter of one's personal perspective, priorities and prejudices more than anything.
It's not the kind of thing that should ever be subject to rule-of-law.

I actually think when a lot of people say something "offended" them, whatever they're talking about probably didn't really bother them that much.  They're simply tyrannical "power-and-control" junkies, exploiting social mores and popular prejudices for the purpose of damaging or destroying someone they feel some sort of animosity toward.

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