Thursday, April 20, 2017

                           The demise of the "private citizen"
These days everyone is committed to some "cause", or have some personal affiliation with a select ideological or political group.

They're "a part of something" and identify themselves with whatever political belief, social causes, or idealistic demographic elements that comprise their "belief system" which they have committed themselves to.
There are so many folks running marathons, marching in the streets, or pitching another "cause", trying to be saviors or crusaders.

I hardly see people ever actually represent themselves.  There doesn't seem anything really intimate about most people.  They seem to be whatever their ancestry, social class, gender or domestic and social background "requires" their persona to be.  And it seems to be what they're "all about" as well.

It's like the average person is more of an "artificial intelligence" than a living, breathing, and FEELING individual.

Would the world be better off if each person minded their own business, just took care of their own life and issues, and stayed within their own boundaries?  Quit having to be "so involved with" society and problems that don't directly concern them?
Just stay home and enjoy their own interests and bobies and tend to their own responsibilities?

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