Tuesday, April 25, 2017

                                              Earth is not unique
So NASA scientists have discovered water on one of Saturn's moons.  And now they're speculating there "just might possibly be some form of life outside of earth".

Of course it could also mean that the earth is simply an integral part of the cosmos.  Which means the earth is but one of many "off-springs" of a "parental" universe, as is the solar system or the galaxy it's part of.

And that, since the earth is also a product of a greater universe, a lot of the elements found on this planet have universal origins.  So, naturally, it stands to reason that, if we have opportunity to explore far enough and long enough, scientists will invariably start finding a lot of "earthly" elements on celestial bodies.  But it doesn't necessarily indicate "potential life forms".

Sure, I believe somewhere in the universe other life forms exist.  But, much like in this galaxy, it'll be in the form of select planets in favorable positions in their given solar systems to produce the intricate type of life forms found on this planet.

I believe that because I think the universe is rigged and structured by intelligent forces unknown.  Who hold the concept of patterns and cosmic protocol to highest esteem.
Hence, earth, our solar system, and our galaxies are bound by the same formats and similar physical laws.  They're not unique, but "one among many of their kind".

Just what these "intelligent forces" are one will never know.  But they're greater than anything the limited concepts of any religion could (or would) ever perceive.

Of course I don't abide the likes of Creationism any more than I ever would any of the Evolution theories.
I think humans and their civilizations and governments have always existed for millenniums, and that humans have always looked and behaved the same way as well.
And that governments have always been pretty much the same as they are now:  despotic republics.  And, much like the present age, each one with their own false fronts.

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