Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Song Analysis: My Mind's Eye

The late 1960s saw the British Invasion merging with the emerging Psychedelic styles:   The Yardbirds;  The Spencer Davis Group;  The Status Quo;  Cream;  The Move;  The Moody Blues;  early Pink Floyd;  Procol Harum;  the latter-day Beatles (Revolver/Sgt. Pepper's and beyond) ...
...The Small Faces as well.

Essentially, this song by The Small Faces is an anthem of spiritual self-discovery.  Of cerebral revelations and enlightenment.  Of a greater awareness of the nuances and essences of life itself.  Only to be found within oneself and one's connection to all things eternal.

And of the new-found inability of someone who's experienced such to relate to all the "average" people around them, or to continue relationships with friends, family, lovers and acquaintances.
Suddenly everything about oneself is too deep for most anyone else to be able to relate to.

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