Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Song Analysis: Angie Baby

The metaphysical meets bubblegum meets soft pop/adult contemporary in this 1974 top-ten hit by Helen Reddy.

It's a brief tale of an extremely socially withdrawn adolescent girl who's obsessed with top-40 radio and songs who can't seem to positively connect to the outside world or with most in it ("autism spectrum" syndrome?)

In her mind she fantasizes having a secret lover with whom she can share her "top-40" utopia with.

But there's another character in the song:  A sexually deviant neighborhood boy who's been "eyeing" Angie for some time.
Cunningly he comes around when her parents are out and about, and, taking advantage of her loneliness and naivety, offers to "show her a good time", with totally ulterior motives all the way.

However, it seems Angie has a few "desires" of her own, and magical powers that far supersede any physical strengths that neighborhood boy may have.
The music from her radio paralyzes and hypnotizes him and, then, when she turns the volume down on her radio he gets socked into her little transistor.  This would-be sex offender winds up getting "owned" by a girl he's been stalking.
He, instead, ends up being Angie's "secret boyfriend", a guarantee her own lustful desires and pleasures will always be met anytime she feels the urge.

And, apparently, the boy more than gets what he was after as well.
And the searching party never turns up a trace of him, eventually giving him up for "dead".

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