Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Song Analysis: The Big Battle

One of the underappreciated songs by the legendary Johnny Cash, this one from 1962.

This song makes the point of emphasizing that the biggest part of any battle or conflict is the aftermath itself.
The after-affects and consequences that have to be dealt with when the main conflicts are finally over are battles in and of themselves.

Not just damage assessments, but also the psychological effects on loved ones that linger on for the remainder of their lives.  The  grief and trauma of losing a beloved husband, brother, or son.

Although the effects on the surviving ex-soldiers don't get overtly mentioned in the lyrics, "the part that has blackened the sun" might collectively encompass that aspect figuratively.

Remember, this was 1962, and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome was not yet acknowledged, let alone regarded a clinical diagnosis, at this point in time.
However, it was still instinctively and subconsciously sensed by those who experienced intense traumatic situations---sometimes referred to as "shell shock".

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