Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Myopic Musings and Annoying Adages

Someone once quipped:  "Why would anyone want to 'steal my identity'?  I'm a convicted felon, the only jobs I've ever held were menial ones---restaurants, warehouses...the most I've ever had to my name was somewhere around $2000---give-or-take.  And never much in the way of a 'love life'---a 'one-night-stand' or two."

Most people one runs into don't seem to have much in the way of having a "sense of boundaries" except for when THEY'RE the ones who are being violated.  THEN they suddenly "become conscious of" the fact that "others have rights too".
But when THEY'RE the ones being imposing they're usually oblivious to it. (Unless you point it out to them---in which case they get annoyed at your "being oversensitive", or something along that line.)

I get so tired of everything in life.  Most things I rely on seem to be little more than a bunch of "broken light switches".  They don't work like they should.

The best things in life are either those which are easy to navigate or whose "surprises" are along the line of serendipities.

Most things in life are about as trustworthy as setting your car on cruise-control when taking a cross-country trip on the interstate so you can catch some sleep on the way without having to stop, figuring "Hey, what the hell---no stop signs or traffic lights. Straight shot all the way".

In response to the massacre in Newtown Conn.:
"Should we start sending our kids to school with bulletproof backpacks?"
By all means, why not?  Even if we can't save the little brats' asses, at least other kids could use a few nice resilient backpacks.

A great idea for reducing the crime rate:
Stigmatize ALL offenses the same way they do "sex offenses".
Approach all types of criminal activities and wrongdoings with the same type of dogmatisms they now levy on the average "sex offender".
If any kind of "offender" automatically finds themselves "transformed" into becoming some sort of "social leper" it would take all the "glamour" away from, for example, gang memberships---or drug-dealing---or identity theft...

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