Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesus, the temple, government, consumerism,and businesses---or my way of saying "Merry Christmas"

When you buy a product or pay for certain services is it because you desire to make whoever owns the business or service provider "that much wealthier" out of your own pocket?
...or is it because of the promise of obtaining a quality product or recieving first-rate service at a reasonable price?

I'm betting the second reason is why you would bother at all to invest any of your good money in a product or service provider.

That's from the viewpoint of the consumer.
But apparently the viewpoint of the business and political factions are quite different.  They seem to abide by the notion that most people are suckers, meant to be taken advantage of.  That businesses only exist to see how much profit they can accumulate by fleecing consumers while going through the charades of providing goods and services when what they're actually doing is putting out second-rate products, a lot of them under reputed brand names which, at one time, had merit and used to live up to their reputation...and also providing second-rate services but still charging an-arm-and-a-leg for doing so, all while feigning "professionalism".
And then there are the politicians misappropriating taxpayer dollars for their own personal use, or to pay for secret projects that are totally irrelevant to the general wellbeing and functionalities of society-in-general.

One knows the story of Jesus "clearing the temple" of all the "moneychangers".
He walks in only to find the sacred temple He founded in His name having been taken over by scam artists and charlatans taking advantage of the loyalties of the congregations and church members.
Outraged He just ups and "lets them all 'have it'", turning over tables, throwing items across the room, and eventually physically tossing a few of the asshole con-artists themselves out onto the streets.  (I think, contrary to the stereotypical representation of His physical appearance as is so many depictions of the man, Jesus was more-than-likely one of those hefty muscular types.)

Anyway, it's Christmas---presumably celebrating the birthdate of Jesus
...nevermind the fact that He was actually born sometime during spring as opposed to during early winter.

Now---if Jesus were to return at this moment...would he toss out the "moneychangers" who run both our major businesses(i.e.: corporations) and government factions?
Return us to the concept of "businesses primarily existing to earn their profits by providing quality goods and good services at reasonable prices" and "governments existing to serve their citizens and take care of it's land, both the natural and man-made physical entities".

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