Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats...Everywhere!

My brother lives about 40 miles away from this frumpy dumpy urban craphole I live in (my sister also lives in this urban dump as well).

Each Thanksgiving we visit him and his "godmother" former English professor he resides with (actually it's her place---well she and her late husband).

My sister has a romantic relationship with a former coworker (since retired), and she, me, him, and his 9-year-old grand-daughter cruise on out to visit my brother and the retired professor on this annual endeavor of ours.

I should also mention that my brother and his "godmother" have about 20 cats (give-or-take) on their farm.  And that they freely come-and-go in and out of the house at their own will (there's a little panel on the back window the cats use when the doors are closed).

Anyway, the granddaughter, when her teacher was asking the class what they "were doing for Thanksgiving" replied "Grandpa and me are going to the cathouse!"

Of course her embarrassed parents and grandfather had to explain what she meant by the "cathouse".

The reason she refers to it as the "cathouse" is simply because there's a plethora of pussies, that's all.

Who's that at the door?  Children's Services?  What do they want?

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