Friday, December 7, 2012

Not Too Keen On Xmas's so-o-o-o...smarmy!

It's supposedly this sacred season of "goodwill", "charity" and "unity" between all people.

But it's little more than a plethora of Gregorianisms and mantras and cliche rituals (although ideal for advertisers and scam artists preying on those hypnotized by the collective "festive" mindset).

Not to mention the idiotic tradition of gift-giving in the name of one-on-one charitism between relatives and close associates.

The way I figure it:  I don't want any unasked-for material items nor any gift cards myself.  If someone has the money to spare on me, I'd much rather they just give me that money itself and let ME decide how it should be "spent on me".

The true "spirit of Christmas" can be seen in the recent story of the subway passenger in NYC who threw a fellow passenger off the platform as a commuter train was approaching, resulting this other passenger's untimely demise.
Yet another perfect example of the long-ongoing Great American Civilian Cold War, wherein different classes and social demographics coexist with one another grudgingly and "conditionally"..."Stay in your own place and don't invade mine and we'll get along just fine.  Get too close and there'll be a problem".

The Christmas mantra is, in part, to pretend this mass disunity doesn't exist least during the month of December.
And I'm too cynical to seriously get into it myself.

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