Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enough Is Enough Already!

I'm gettting tired of reading about all of these dumbass "random shootings" in schools, shopping centers, restaurants, hardware stores, parking lots, county fairs, or wherever.

What's up with these people and what's up with this "firearm" obsession or theirs?

Seriously, I think it's high time the U.N. and the World Court enacted an "emergency" martial law mandate requiring 95% of the world's population be sterilized...even including nations which aren't part of the U.N.

There's just been "not enough to go around for everyone" for far too long now.
And what it's done to both the physical and social atmosphere is nothing short of catastrophic.
This world, it's societies, and it's inhabitants are so insufferable...and nobody's interested in doing anything to solve these long-ongoing issues.

As a private individual in my own right a demand to be able to reside in a wold that's actually LIVABLE

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