Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, what about Hannah Sabata?

I suppose by now everybody knows about the small-town upstart who stole a car, robbed a bank, and then boasted about her exploits on YouTube.

And, no doubt, everyone has their fair share of disparaging opinions about her
...her "elevator" doesn't quite "go to the top"
...or, maybe, she's psychopathic.

Truth be known, she more-than-likely has as normal an intelligence level as most anyone else.
And as far as being "psycho" that still wouldn't be enough to make her "different" either.
Everybody's a little "nutsy", because this world is so full of adversarial elements which are bound to impact an individual in one way or another.  If one's not a little "looney", then one's probably not even living.
Truth be known, she's probably about as sane as most anyone else.
You see, we all have our fantasies about doing outrageous and malicious things. Or of losing our inhibitions doing the forbidden in inappropriate places at inappropriate times. We all have our "wish lists" of things we'd do if only we "were invisible" or what-have-you. But most of us know the importance of self-restraint...of keeping our composure.

No, my friend, what Ms. Sabata is, is that she's simply 200% irresponsible---PERIOD!

You see, what she did was to try to "experiment" with life itself---using the world itself as her own "testing ground" ("What would happen if...?").

The problem with using the world itself as your own "laboratory" is that this world is probably the worst "guinea pig" one could ever choose for trying out one's unorthodoxic and/or subversive notions.
And it has no sense-of-humor and takes itself quite seriously to boot as well. 

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