Saturday, December 15, 2012

The System

...that "Frankenstein" of all civilizations from long before the pre-Biblical times to those of the present.

No matter who you are or what your livelihood is, you're codependent on "the system" of whatever country you reside in don't dare defy it's laws without getting locked up or fined have to follow it's traditions and agree with it's belief systems, dogmas and popular prejudices or face ostracization by your "fellow citizens"
It's the governments who control their countries, no matter which country one's talking about, or of what kind of "government" said country professes to have. Whatever those-in-charge say goes is going to be whatever goes down in that particular piece-of-regulated-collective-real-estate.

This is why I get irritated by those who complain about those who "use the system to leech off of the rest of society" and how they're "sick of paying taxes to support" such types.
Even if one does work-for-a-living, earning their own pay and such---it's only because the government who rules over wherever they live allows such interactive flexibility, allowing for a limited amount of free movement within their overall system.
The government could just-as-easiliy mandate that all their citizens work only for them and reward in basic amenities with sporadic amusements thrown in on-the-side.

And that currency one gets paid in:  the government created and produces it as well.  How much of it one's entitled to is based on predeterminations by both employer and other officials.
(Travel abroad, and this "money-of-yours" has to be exchanged for whatever amount of THEIR currency that other government decides is equivalent to whatever amount you have on you at the time.)

Furthermore, if one's employed that means one was dependent on another party (or other parties) to decide they were worth "taking a chance on" when considering someone to hire to fill a needed position.
What if they doubted you?  What if other potential employers doubted you as well?  And it took over a year for you to find employment?
Would you have simply rode it out, without food, money, shelter?  Then what?  Who would then hire a starving, stenchy sod so weak he couldn't even stand up?

For that matter, as far as "being employed" being an indication of whether one is "being productive" or not, let it be known that a lot of paid jobs are actually kind of useless---cliche rituals of menial tasks that don't really have any overall long-range benefit for others (or for much of anything).  And also that one can accomplish a lot simply working on a personal hobby (at their own expense, no less).

Even if one owns their own business---doing everything themselves, isn't there still a codependency on certain financial establishments trusting you enough to "take the risk of" loaning you out a certain percentage of their money in the good faith you'll be able to return it to them in good time?

The truth is we're all "leeches" to some extent.  Unless one's some kind of all-around genius, the aptitude to own and run a restaurant (for example) doesn't give one the aptitude to do construction work, or to take on plumbing, or lay down wiring and underground pipes and cables.
One would still be codependent on the system to provide streets, roads, bridges, utility services, to write and enforce laws that protect one from malicious actions of others (theft, robbery, vandalism etc).
And, in the case of restaurant ownership (or of any other type of shop ownership), one depends on their customer base determining their products and services are worth whateve they happen to charge for such, and being able and willing to do so as well.

And let's not forget that the government, being ultimately in charge, can decide whether or not you get to keep your earnings---either in part or in whole.  And there's nothing one can do about it.
Yes, taxes---love 'em or hate 'em.  Without them you'd have no roads or streets to drive on, nor any buses or subways to transport you to your destinations as well.  And, if someone were to break into your residence no police to report it to.

The word is "integral".  Remember that word, now.
It means everyone and everything is but a part of the whole.
It means everything isn't about just you---everyone and everthing else is in the "mix" as well.

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