Friday, December 7, 2012

Traveling experiences

Although I've never traveled abroad myself (save for a couple hours in Niagra Falls Ontario),  I've heard and read the accounts of others who have.

Often they'll rant on about how much they love Paris...or how corrupt the government is in Belize...or how bad the attitude is towards Americans in so-and-so country...or how great the food is in such-and-such other country...or how overcommercialized Japan is...

Over time I've been gathering that all the grand proclamations these folks make about their experiences in various places (both domestic and abroad) are, shall we say, a bit arbitrary.  In other words, opinionated...judgmental.

I think people judge places and things the same way they judge other people.
If someone/something is easy for them to cajole, navigate, or manipulate to their liking, or is already agreeable to them in some way, they'll praise said subject and hold such in high esteem.

However, if someone/something "calls their bluff" in some way (so to speak) or comprises "disagreeable" elements, is stubborn or obstinate, or even appears adversarial, then they'll be condemning toward/of said subject and speak and think ill of such.

That said, I guess the only way to know what another place is really all about is to be lucky enough to be able to travel there yourself and have your own experiences there, as each person tends to have their own experiences wherever they go, based on how their personality and character interacts with the social climate of wherever they go as well as with whoever they happen to run across while they're there

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