Thursday, January 5, 2017

                              Here's to you
                           ...or, maybe, from you
Amidst certain "conspiracy theory" hearsay concerning allegations of governments having technology which enables officials and authorities to probe the minds of "individuals-of-interest" for the purpose of continuous surveillance of said individuals by certain agencies, I myself have doubts as to the validity of such concerns.

First off, even if telepathy is possible it would prove itself to be quite a series of hat tricks to pull off successfully due, for the most part, to how erratic the mind normally tends to be.

The way the mind is governed, not only by mere thoughts, but by the emotions and feelings that infuse themselves into the whole mix.  Tag on random flashes of memories and fantasies and invasive elements from the subconscious that appear suddenly, and you have such a kaleidoscope of hodge-podge trying to keep track of and make logical sense of what they would be viewing would become an overwhelming challenge.

And then tag on all the phobias, obsessions, and weird hang-ups, along with secrets not even that person's close friends or relatives know about---and then eccentric fantasies, things that they dwell on that make sense to them but would never make even a modicum of sense to anybody else, and mind-reading becomes so nerve-wrackingly encumbering only the most patient and perspective would have the stamina to be able to stick out such a grandiose project.

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