Monday, January 23, 2017

Song Analysis: Slip Slidin' Away

The gist of this late-1977 hit by Paul Simon entails how the average person pretty much squanders most of their life away.

How most of us are so busy admiring those who are exceptional---the heroes, those who accomplish great feats, those who manage great accomplishments and achievements, the prodigies and those with above-average talents and aptitudes---that we never bother to develop any of our own abilities.  Or even think we have anything to offer the world.

Then, as we start getting older and we reflect back on our life, our inadequacies start magnifying themselves, and we feel remorse over all "the things we didn't do that we should have", the "things we DID do that we should never have done", potential opportunities we may have unwittingly passed up.

Or, if we DID achieve a thing or two ourselves, we start realizing that for every accomplishment we made there are still a dozen more things of equal stature "where those came from" that we failed to do.  So we still feel "unfinished" and "incomplete".

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