Thursday, January 5, 2017

                             The Problem With Authorities
is they're always looking for something evil or immoral.

Like the censors who can find lewd or subversive elements in even the most innocent or innocuous lyrics or television/movie scripts.

Like the customs agents who look for anything "suspicious" about anyone entering their country as an excuse for turning them back.

Like the employer who looks for any reason to reject a job applicant.

Like a good-looking woman who will find reasons to reject interested guys who don't seem to measure up to her standards.

Like a landlord who will look for reasons/excuses to either refuse to rent out to certain applicants (who, maybe, seem a bit "off") or to evict a present tenant.

Like undercover surveillance teams who constantly look for any kind of activity on the part of their targeted subjects which can be construed as being "suspicious" in nature or of being "questionable".

The idea that those with any kind of authority are so obsessed with "morality" or with "public safety" they'll see lewdness or threats even where none exist.

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