Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I've always wondered why people get so spooked anytime they see someone talking to themselves.

Talking to another person is no big deal.  But aren't you a person yourself?  So, if you can talk to another person why can't you talk to yourself as well since you're also a person?

If you commit an oversight or forget something important and it messes things up as a result, don't you have a thing or two to say to yourself?
If somebody else did the same thing wouldn't you have a thing or two to say to them?

                    The above is my Musing For Today


  1. I think everyone talks to themselves it's just that in some situations it's more acceptable than others. Talking to yourself in a loud voice in the supermarket is more likely to get you some strange looks than at home when no one else is around.

  2. I think everyone talks to themselves constantly, aren't our thoughts an endless chatter? Hence no need to say it out loud. but I do understand that in certain cases frustration or else needs an outlet.

    1. Indeed, the mind's always active 24/7.