Tuesday, January 10, 2017

                                                   W   e         a    r    e
                                   I   S   I   S
                                                               The Modern World's Official Scapegoat 
We started out a few years back as a premier terrorist organization, intent on a world-wide siege and seizure campaign.

Among our tactics were various mind-manipulating propaganda videos specifically programmed to hypnotize the most impressionable minds of those dispossessed and betrayed by their own society.

In time our world-wide influenced grew to astronomical proportions to where, these days, we practically no longer have to lift a finger of our own to wreak havoc on the adversarial western infidels and their nations.

We simply wait for any small group, or individual, who is or are disillusioned and disgruntled with the pretenses of "the great western lies" to take upon themselves the acts we used to perform ourselves:  random shootings; driving into crowds and gatherings; "forgetting to" take their bomb-laden backpack with them when leaving stores and restaurants;  randomly attacking passerbys with steak knives purchased at Wal-Mart or Target.

Even if these individuals commit such acts for their own personal reasons we STILL "take credit for" their acts as soon as we learn of them (usually the same way everyone else learns of these incidents ...by way of the same news media everyone else watches).

We can now be even MORE "all-powerful" without the need for more efforts on our own part.
Thanks all you impressionable disillusioned-of-the-disenfranchised, for being so easily hypnotized, for having been born with no aptitude for humor or imagination, for giving up on both yourselves and humanity, for your shameless sense of self-pity.
You're the ones who make our jobs easier while also more effective at the same time.
                                   Much appreciated and obliged,
                                I  S I S

             You know that motherfucker who drove his dilapidated Honda Civic jalopy into a crowd of fair-goers at full speed, then jumped out and started stabbing everyone randomly with his War-Mart purchased steak knife?
             Yep!   That was us!  We were behind that attack as well.  

Oh, and before we forget:  Thanks to all the media of the world for giving us our catchphrase slogan:  "Inspired by ISIS" 

                                                                    The above has been a public service message

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