Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Song Analysis: Noah

A most unusual theme for a mainstream popular song:  A one-on-one conversation with a Biblical character.

But Bob Seger, in this 1969 single, uses this fictional scenario---in which he gives modern-day advice to this ancient Biblical character---as a backdrop to subtle social commentary.

In this case, pointing out how "life is just a circle"---what goes around comes around as the age-old adage says.
Specifically, that in Noah's day mankind became so wicked and corrupt God decided to wipe out the entire human race---save for Noah and his family (and select beasts of the world), being that Noah and his family were of such a pure heart their seeds would, presumably, restart the human race untainted.

But that, in due time, even the latter-day descendants of this "second Adam" eventually transformed into a human race just as corrupt as those who were exterminated by the Great Flood.

The underlying point of this song is that even our best efforts will only go so far.
That if even God himself couldn't succeed in his attempt at "recreating a paradise on earth" how much less success can mortal man have in his sometimes overzealous hubristic endeavors? 

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