Wednesday, January 18, 2017

                                    Transition Periods Are So Painful...
I think the outgoing President, Obama, would have been a better President had he not experienced so much obstruction and interference from uncooperative elements within while trying to follow through on some of the ideas and policies he initially had in mind to implement---or finish once implemented.

His shortcomings were more those of his having compromised himself in a lot of critical areas (perhaps being coerced into doing so by the "secret societies" of the world?)

No-one is going to forget his grandiose promises, or of the unspoken disappointments we silently felt each time he either fell short of, or downright failed to follow through on, said promises.
On how he only went half-way on some of them.

Now we have the incoming President, Trump, who---like Obama---also made his fair share of grandiose promises (also aimed toward select favored factions).
Among his promises are that of undoing some of the accomplishments of Obama which were the results of the few occasions Obama actually followed through (half-way anyway) on some of HIS promises.

It'll be interesting to see how much cooperation or resistance President Trump experiences during the next four years.

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