Sunday, May 13, 2012

"FaceBook Co-founder" Revisited

I admit the way I lashed out at Eduardo Saverin the other day was a bit harsh should never be so contemptuous towards someone they've never met before in their life and know nothing about.

Plus the fact that Mr. Saverin didn't actually violate any laws or anything like that
...even though what he's doing has obvious undertones of ulterior motivation, still---it IS his money, and however one feels about the manner in which he earned it, it's not like he embezzled any of it or made it on any black market.

However, even though technically one can't speak ill of his exorbitant earnings, there's STILL something about this whole affair that "doesn't feel right" to me for some inexplicably ambiguous reason.

Maybe it's just the idea of it:
Someone immigrates to this country (just for the record, he did do so legally---he went through all the proper channels and everything)
...they make a fortune while still a citizen of this country
...then they relinquish said citizenship for one of another land AFTER making their sizable fortune---to avoid "having to pay 'too much' in taxes" to the country in which they made their fortune.

Is it just me
...or does this concept reek of unethical elements?

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