Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More (Myopic) Musings

Things should only malfunction when they're in the hands of the overprivileged and well-respected...
...NEVER when they're in the hands of the "blameworthy"...
Because the more privileged are the ones who have the right to complain about things and are less likely to be held responsible if something breaks down while they're using it.
If something screws up while in the hands of a "blameworthy" type, the poor sap has to endure the ever-condescending "Well, what did you DO to it?"---like if something messes up when they have their hands on it then somehow they must be responsible for whatever went wrong.
Yes I DO have a hissy-fit when things screw up while I'm using them, if only because I'm so methodical about how I go about doing what I do
...self-concocted procedures and methods I come up with based on ways I've had to figure my way around past disasters and mishaps---methods and procedures I've figured out that work best for me in avoiding further mishaps.
When I'm doing things the way I've "always done them ten-thousand times before without incident" and suddenly things start "going wrong" I have this narcissistic tendency to, sort of, "not blame myself" for whatever happened.
And I don't like it when someone acts like I'm the one with the problem.
I'm like the really cautious driver who always obeys the speed limits, signals when turning or changing lanes, yields to pedestrians in the crosswalks, never attempts to multitask when driving (i.e.: cell phones; blaring stereos; texting)
---but the first time he has to swerve to avoid getting hit by a reckless driver and winds up hitting a telephone pole all the police can think to do is write him a citation for "reckless driving".
I know when I'm being sabotaged, even if it's not by somebody but by fate itself.
And I DON'T appreciate harsh judgment by those who "don't want to understand", whom I probably would have asked for help if not for the fact that they're so standoffish and never around when you need their "services".

When mentioning my perception of the what responsibility is, I should state that I think everything is akin to taking care of a small child or having a pet
...even if you're single and never had children or owned any pets.
Take, for example, living on your own and having to fix your own meals:
Well, that also involves cleaning up and keeping your kitchen in order...
...if you don't wash your dishes, cups, glasses, pots and pans after using them then you won't have anything to cook your next meal in or to eat or drink out of next time you're hungry.
Everything has to be "nurtured" and constantly "tended to"...
...your own body...when you shave or cut your finger nails, toe nails, or hair, it's not indefinite---they never "stay trimmed"...you're always going to have to repeatedly retrim and reshave because nails and hair keep growing back.
Like with personal hygiene: you have to shower and shampoo over and over again constantly, because one's body will just not stay clean and perspiration-free---you're always sweating and being exposed to dirt and filth, even in your home environment.  And oral hygiene---same thing.  You floss and brush your teeth---only to have-to-eat again a few hours later...then repeat.
Even home appliances---you have to press the right buttons and switches, don't expose to the wrong elements or handle-too-roughly (no matter how stressed-out you are).  You have to be gentle with gadgets just like they were little babies.
Everything needs some kind of oversight and secondary stewardship from their owners (or from whoever's in charge of them).
You have be there to guide them and nurture them and to keep them from "going astray"...same as one does for a child or a pet (appliances and gadgets DO malfunction, you know---and some DO have their glitches).
That, essentially, is the gist of the concept of "responsibility".
That's really what it is in a nutshell.

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a bit dubious of authority figures.
Not that I'd ever advocate anarchy or lawlessness by any means
...but sometimes it seems we're merely settling for "the lesser of the two evils".
The problem is with my impression of most authority figures:  they remind me of all the mean teachers I had in grade school. The ones who always mocked and humiliated the "slow learners" and were Draconian towards those with behavioral problems and favored certain students over everyone else.
And a lot of the overprivileged "social leeches" and "career victims" who are always leaning on the police to solve even the most benign interpersonal conflicts remind me of the "goody-goody" teacher's pets as well as the meddling "tattle-tales" who were always trying to catch as many of their "fellow students" in compromising situations as they could simply so they could squeal on them and get them in trouble for the purpose of reveling in their humiliation and misery---all while maintaining a demeanor of "honorability".
It's the idea of grown adults still carrying on similar charades and engaging in the same type of perverse social politics while still presenting themselves as being rational and legitimate that bothers me, I guess.

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