Friday, May 11, 2012

Liberties and Rights

I'm not that big on that notion of the importance of "individual rights" or of "respecting the rights of others".

To me liberties are like money or any other resource:
Just as sure as any time you run into any individual or groups who have an abundance of excessive wealth you don't have to look far before running into someone who's excessively impoverished.
...likewise, where there's the presence of those who get to live freely and are allowed to do as they please without having to "answer to" anyone for anything---never in need or in want of anything---you can bet there is SOMEONE also living in the same neighborhood who's eternally ostracized, socially deprived and oppressed and "taking the blame" for it's social ills and is always "under suspicion" is the case with money or any other resource there's "only so much to go around"
---and liberties "only go so far" as well.

Any time there's an element of inequitableness---where one party or one group have an excess of something---it always denotes a "hijacking" of resources by whoever has the most of those resources.

People have "liberties" and "rights" more as a result of favoritism and social clout than by the ethos of any written Constitutional clauses.

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