Sunday, May 13, 2012

Profile of "Prejudice"

                                                Why did ancient Rome persecute the Christians?
                                         Because there was no "black population" in ancient Rome
                           ...and SOMEONE had to "take responsibility for" their culture's social ills                   
                 ...and be the scapegoats and "fall guys" for all that was wrong with the social climate.

The point is, of course, that there'll always be SOME form of discrimination, anytime, anywhere, and in some form or fashion---judgment based on perceptions based on how select individuals or groups are imageristically pigeon-holed.

Even in, for example, an all-white (or all-black) classroom you'll still have certain types of individuals ostracized and persecuted and conspired against
...the "odd-balls", the social misfits, the "slow learners", the geniuses who don't "fit in" because they don't go-along-with all the latest current trends because they see them as being too banal and superficial (or what-have-you).

It's not just a matter of race or ancestral background
...people can be contemptuously judged by any kind of criteria...
---discrimination against the homeless
---how hard it is to find employment or a nice place to live if, for example, you have a police record
---gender discrimination is certainly no "trade secret" THESE DAYS.  Why ELSE would there be "feminism"?
---all the religious conflicts through the ages

I think what it is is this:
There are a lot of problems in the world and also within cultures themselves that work their way into the lives of individuals, who themselves also have their own personal issues
...and that these problems are not only invasive in nature, but often overwhelming and insoluble.
It's that feeling of being "violated" combined with feelings of "helplessness" that create enough frustration over a long enough period of time to transform into intense inner rage
---sooner or later one needs some kind of "relief" from all that inner emotional pressure
...they MUST lash out at and assault SOMETHING---or SOMEONE---either overtly or metaphorically.
Also, such chronic emotional pressure causes the sufferer to become more critical of the flaws and iniquities of both the world around them as well as of others around them
---hence, stereotyping and "demonizing" become an easy way of "unloading" one's personal baggage.

That's one of the more unfortunate aspects of human nature:
people are just "wired" with the propensity for passing critical and contemptuous judgments against anyone who's "ways" are different from their own
---especially when in need of "attacking life itself" without the actual means or opportunity of doing so.

There are always things in life the individual has no control over:

---your ancestry---the physical traits you inherit from your parents and grandparents
...including your physique---the biogeometrical aspect of your own physical body:
your jaw is too long...or you're tall and lanky and "awkward-looking"---or it's obvious, even at a young age, that you're condemned to go throughlife overweight---or your voice is "too deep", or "too tinny".  Having to go through life with a body that you feel "doesn't represent you the way you would wish to be self-represented" and thus you feel condemned to a lifetime of being self-misrepresented.

---all the world events and social trends you wish you could be impervious to, but instead always have to "force themselves on you" in some way.
Society just won't let you escape it's bull-shit and leave you alone to just "live your own life" and just be "in your own world".

---your own vulnerable you are to the potential of accidents, illnesses, as well as your dependency on physical resources from the food you have to eat to survive to the necessity of interacting with your environment (including other people)
...being an integral part of "everything else" and not always being able to act on your own.

---the limitations of your own personal resources: your aptitudes, your level of intelligence and knowledge, the extent of your own emotional stability
...the fact that you can't do everything on your own or by yourself.  That, no matter how you feel about the world in general or about other people in general, you'll still have to rely on some kind of outside sources to be able to get all your needs and desires met.

You can see life is one humiliating and frustrating endeavor
...and it's near-impossible to be emotionally strong enough to endure what it does to you constantly all-the-time.
...and it's all those pressures and humiliations that'll subvert people---especially the emotionally weak-minded types
...and among the subversions is the tendency to stereotype and judge others in a demographically-based manner. 

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