Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Modern Society: Infatuated With All Things Ugly

What is it with everything and everyone these days?
---motor, SUVs, pick-up trucks...they all look the same, every make and model.
No style, no unique designs. And they're all just ugly-looking at that.
---the way people dress: frumpy-dumpy baggy shorts; hoodies; raggedy shirts and skirts; tennis shoes; sandals and open-toe shoes; mismatched colors and designs. Rag-tag looking, and some of these are "trendy" styles, sold for high-dollar at major department stores.
---and the eyeglasses people wear now: those thick disproportionate plastic frames and stems...they look like goggles or welders glasses...making even the prettiest faces look robotic, like alien invaders from some grade-B sci-fi horror flick.
---The latest popular music: whether rock, rap, R&B, country...a bunch of rambling bland-ass redundant two-note/two-chord jingles overwhelmed by overpowering 2/4-tempo overamplified drum machines. Every song sounds alike and each one drones on-and-on 5 minutes plus and are guaranteed "unlistenable".
---the television shows: cheesy simple-minded plots any 5-year-old kid could have easily concocted off the top of their heads, with "adult content" merely implying the presence of "sexual content" (which itself is handled with the wisdom and maturity of the average 6-year-old).  And the comedies are just a bunch of "penis jokes" or celebrity slanders or cliche "political" humor...guaranteed to be a hit with most any clueless deranged 15-year-old living a sheltered life controlled by despotic domineering parents.
---the personality of most people you run across: the guys all snarl when they speak and talk and behave like gangsters and offspring of mafia chiefs and act so petulant and cocky. The women act "eternally frigid", either civilian monarch femme fatales or hysterical "trailer park" psycho-bitches. And they're always so paranoid (especially of "strange men") one is always left wondering how they manage to always have friends and lovers.
---and then there's all this conspiracy being commited by everyone against each other: identity theft; on-line hacking; and all other sorts of subversive activities being perpetrated by otherwise "normal" individuals.
---and the way the cultural climate is ruled over by the "drug culture", the gangs, the "hip-hoppers", the "metal heads", the meth-heads.
---and what's up with these tattoos? And these nose-rings and body-piercing and wearing ornaments all over themselves? What's so special about transforming oneself into a "walking museum piece"?
Damn! We're now just a society of gypsies, bikers, and merchant marines. 
"Yes, lady, that's quite a work-of-art on your thigh there...quite impressive.  However, you should know...if you're still around 30 or 40 years from now you'll undoubtedly have your fair share of varicose veins.  That'll mess up your picture will be able to tell which lines are part of the picture and which ones are acts-of-nature."

Overall, there seems to be "a war on all things aesthetical": anything appealing, enticing, alluring, illustrious, captivating, engaging---anything of merit or substance.
...there is some kind of "movement" out to phase-out and eventually obliterate all that was ever worthwhile about this turbulant world.
All the good and decent aspects and amenities---what made it all worth putting up with the "crap stuff"--- are being gradually and incrementally eliminated
...while the worst aspects of the world---all things we've learned to "love to hate"---are being more-and-more embraced and emulated and multiplied. They want to make sure only the "crap stuff" is left when it's all over.
If it's beautiful---make it vile and obscene.  If it's peaceful and serene---RABBLE-ROUSERS UNITE! Start a riot, make a scene...there must be perpetual turmoil and drama.  If it's structured and formatted---turn it into capricious scatterbrained chaos.  If it's clever, witty, or creative---replace it with sophomoric, banal, crude, and childish fluff.  If it's melodic, sophisticated and intricate---replace it with simple two-chord notes and basic 2/4-tempo rhythm and redundant Gregorian verses repeated dozens of times over.
The objective, I surmise, is to make life itself so unlivable that population control comes about by way of mass suicides.
...I don't know.

Sure---there are still lots of beauty and splender left in this world...
...a lot of natural beauty left yet
---all the magnificent mountains...all the lingeringly pristine lakes and rivers whose untouched waters are still pure and so clear one can still drink safely right from them.

But, sooner or later, they'll notice: "We can't allow these mountains to continue existing. They're too visually aesthetically-appealing. We got to get rid of them...Yes! NUKE the mother-fuckers!"
"Dump all of our sewage, nuclear waste, and oil spills into the lakes and rivers. And, hey! Aren't there oil or natural gas reserves under those river beds? Let's start drilling away, man!"
"And cut all those trees down already. No-one's allowed in the forests anymore anyway due to all the underground terrorism activities which used to take place in them. Clear out all the trees and we'll have some nice flat terrain to race our ATVs on."

Ugly!...Desolate!...that's our future!

There was a time when some people were concerned that the world was going to end around the year 1999 or 2000.
But we entered the 21st century without incident.
...But now I'm wondering if that was such a good thing.

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