Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Myopic Musings

Two dates that have gone down in infamy:
May 3 1999:  F-5 tornado devestates the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.
May 4 1970:  Ohio National Guard troops fire live ammunition on a group of anti-war protesters on the Kent State University campus killing four students least two of the victims were not even involved in the protests---they were simply heading from one class to another.

I don't know about this "Bicycle Culture" trend that's pretty much "taken over" American society.
It's certainly not doing anything for me
...of course my opinion of it is going to be biased as I'm one of those oddball types who's "never learned to ride a bicycle". Even growing up I "didn't know how to ride a bike like all the other kids do".
Hence, being a full-time pedestrian (and part-time bus rider) I just see this prevalent omni-cluster of bicycles as being "just one more obstacle I have to 'look out for'" when walking around. Like it's not enough I have to "be on guard" for motor vehicles every time I cross the street or walk by an alley or parking lot, I also have to "look out" when I'm anywhere on the sidewalk itself, as at any given moment some clown can just fly-around-the-corner "out-of-nowhere" and slam into me with their two-wheel mobile gadget---or at least force me to jump on the grass or even into a sign post or telephone pole.
I think they should enact speed limits for bicycles---no more than 10-MPH on public sidewalks.
...and strictly enforce them, with citations, fines, the whole works---just like any other traffic ticket.

For some reason I can't quite get so "excited" about this warm weather the way most people do
...for one thing, it always brings with it some really hellacious storms.  "Whoopie!", huh?
...and personal hygene becomes impossible to maintain, even with a daily shower and deodorant.
But also due to the fact that any kind of even "mild weather" seems to be a "greaser magnet".
...for whatever reason, any kind of "nice weather" seems to bring forth into the public realm some of the rudest, most aggressive, and ill-mannered, uncultured, ignorant types of people.
It's like---you can't just "go out" and "enjoy the nice weather" because you're always going to have all these "buzzkill" ass-holes spoiling it for you
...I guess apparently "it's their world and not mine"---or something along that line.

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