Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

...the day to honor all foot soldiers who had to endure serving on the front lines, being shot at and shelled incessantly with murderous intent by total strangers
...who had to witness the gruesome demises of intimate buddies and new-found friends
...with their own lives on-the-line constantly
...only to end up being pissed-off at finding out later that a lot of the medals and ribbons they received for their "valor" were also awarded to non-combatants who were stationed far away from the areas of conflict---or even "stateside".

It makes sense...one person makes a supreme sacrifice---a sacrifice costing them at least their sanity if not a limb or two...
they deserve proper recognition
...But they later find out someone else receives the same type of "recognition" as some kind of an ego booster to them feel somehow "on the same level" as this person who made extreme sacrifices when what that other person contributed was nowhere near the same as what this person had to put out and endure.

Sort of along the same line as the modern-day business climate of the past few years.
You have all these major companies and those who own and run them making millions upon millions of dollars
...yet they're laying off knowledgable and talented employees and "downsizing" their operations.
In short, these companies and their owners are doing nothing to enhance or contribute anything to society or to the world itself, yet they're still being rewarded and adulated by their respective governments via tax breaks (and various other sorts of "special favors").

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