Friday, May 11, 2012

FaceBook co-founder snob snub

FACEBOOK co-founder Eduardo Saverin wants to "renounce his U.S. citizenship" after becoming a multi-billionaire via co-founding an interactive internet site espousing and nurturing the "virtues" of some of the most baser aspects of human nature---i.e.: hedonism; egotism; social bigotry; narcissism; blasphemy; the "gossip mentality"?
(His estimated worth?  $3.84 billion.)

I can understand why, after making such great contributions to mankind obviously enhancing the betterment of humanity as a whole, Mr. Saverin would just pick up and take roots elsewhere.

Let's review:
Eduardo Saverin, an upper-middle-class-born-and-bred native of Brazil, attends the elitist Harvard University (U.S.A.) in the early 1990s and, along with an American-born upper-middle-class-born-and-bred native, creates a web site guaranteed to be sucessful due to catering to the desires of the collective lowest-common-denominator aspects of human nature.

...becomes a naturalized citizen of the U.S. in 1998 to further nurture and pursue his budding success and eventual career...

...and now, with his greatest dreams fulfilled beyond anyone's wildest imaginations
---he decides he "no longer wants to be an 'American citizen'".
---and, already a resident of Singapore, decides THAT'S where he wants to live out the rest of his life.

Wow! What a snob
...and a snubber as well.

I have a suggestion:
How about if the world "renounces Eduardo Saverin"?
I already have a "head start" on this:
MY FaceBook account has been "deactivated" for some time now and as of yet I STILL have no intention of ever reactivating it
...even MORE SO now after reading about this shit.

All you the world over have to do is simply...
...collectively deactivate your FaceBook accounts---permanently!
It's a somewhat useless site ANYWAY!

Singapore, huh?
Hey, like I can understand why you'd want to live somewhere like that
...I mean, hey!---everyone knows that, generally speaking, Asian women are among the world's best-looking
...and you're still a young man Mr. Saverin with "money-to-burn" on top of that.

Enjoy your wealth now Mr. Saverin
...while all of us users and former users of your product are subsisting on "peanuts" because we're forced to stay in a country without enough of a tax base left to adequately take care of it's own people or resources.

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