Monday, May 21, 2012

The grim reaper strikes again...

The grim reaper's celebritial obsession continues...

Robin Gibb...dead.  This time it's not just another coma.  He's gone for good now...leaving behind quite a legacy, though.

Peter Jones, drummer for the 1980s group Crowded House.  Dead from brain cancer at 45.

Is it just me, or am I sensing some divine premonition of a fast-approaching end of a long-standing "grand era", not only in terms of overall "popular culture", but also of civilization-as-we've-always-known-it-up-until-now?
All the cultural legends are dying off one after another.  All of society's and the world's normal social, domestic, and business practices have been replaced by little-by-little with unorhtodox and second-rate ones.

What kind of an "era" is replacing all of this---everything we've known all our lives? 
Even during some of history's darkest moments, like the great depression and World War II with all the various atrocities-against-mankind being committed by the German and Japanese governments, there was still an overall and overriding sense of ideals and principles the world abided by if only as a matter of tradition and an ongoing collective belief system.
But, just like our religions, we seem to be sacrificing them as if antiquated and no longer relevant, even after centuries of unquestioned general collective acceptance.  This is creating a strange new world with strange new rules.
And if any of these new rules rub you wrong and don't meet your personal's too bad.
We're all still stuck with these new weird set-of-standards.
I don't think I like this "strange new world".  It's priorities don't set very well with me.

Enough of this depressing subject for now...
We have another celebrity birthday to report:

Cher turned 66 yesterday:
She was born Cherilyn LaPierre on May 20 1946 in El Centro California
Her partner, songwriter/record-producer-turned-singer Sonny Bono was actually quite a great songwriter.  He wrote some real gems like LITTLE MAN, YOU'D BETTER SIT DOWN KIDS, as well as co-writing such "pre-Sonny and Cher" nuggets as NEEDLES AND PINS (co-written with Jack Nitzsche).
Although I didn't take Sonny and Cher very seriously during their heyday (when I was growing up), in retrospect I now think they were quite underrated (especially Sonny Bono).

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