Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The "Bicyclist Cult" Crowd

Who else among us are old enough to remember a time---say, 20...30...40-some-years-ago---when people simply "rode bicycles"
...either you owned a bicycle or you didn't
...and riding a bicycle was...simply "riding a bicycle"
...mostly kids, but you also had a few adults who also rode for recreation and exercise.  Particularly in the parks and such.
Then you had your "adventurous" types who either "rode the trails" in the national parks, engaged in "mountain biking" with their contraptions custom-made to tackle rugged terrain, or the "bicycle races".

Flash-forward to the 21st century, and now---
bicycling has become such a popular fad
...no---more than just a "fad"...it's practically a "religion" these days.

There are no more "normal" bike riders anymore nor simply "normal people" who ride bicycles once-in-a-while
...they are now "bicyclists"
...and they're a major MAJOR "cult"
---literally a CULT---with their own lingo, their own terminology and slang expressions, even their own brands and styles of clothing...not to mention quite cliquish to boot.
...and most of them also seem to circumvent the same laws and responsibilities

...check out this: www.empireofjeff.wordpress.com/2012/06/18
(Note: There were 2 entries for June 18...so you'll have to scroll down from the "Jerry Sandusky" story to get to the "bike" post)

(...Just for the record:  I never did learn how to ride a bicycle...and I don't drive either.
I'm a full-time pedestrian and part-time bus rider.
But I've got say...BOTH motorists and bicyclists can be quite adversarial to us pedestrians when misappropriating their "God-given" right to engage in their mode-of-transportation.)

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