Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Musings

I think, with the Colgate 360 toothbrush, what the "360" really means is that when you set the toothbrush down it rolls over 360 degrees---sort of like a dog showing off a new trick it just learned.
I don't much appreciate applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, then setting it down momentarily to use after I get done shaving---only to have it perform cartwheels, smearing toothpaste all over a corner of the counter
...not only a waste of money (toothpaste-wise), but also the hassle of having to wipe up the mess.

I'm not really much impressed with the sly and slick "urban" types who think they're so knowledgable about the real world simply because they know the ins-and-outs of how to survive on the mean streets.

The only thing being "street smart" says to me is that this particular individual is someone who's learned all the wrong things in life: how to take advantage of others; how to buck and circumvent most laws, rules and proprietisms; how to successfully commit conspiracies against others for either personal gain or to "get in good" with desirable factions; how to be conniving and to scam the unsuspecting and naive; how to acquire money and goods illicitly; how to commit and/or initiate acts of domestic terrorism; how to present themselves as a menacing presence.
...and that they were taught to embrace these subcultural iniquities as well.

But as far as their knowledge of all the worthwhile things in life goes, often these "slick" types severely lack:  knowledge of cultural and world history; knowing how to be compassionate, fair-minded, or display any degree of personal integrity; having any understanding of the artistic or academic sectors; understanding the virtues of candid and honest human interactions; knowing how to compromise and to harmonize with others; an adequate level of reading and literary skills; knowledge of proper etiquette and manners.

                                Bob Welch's recent suicide
I tell you folks----the way all of these celebrities and film/pop-music legends have been peeling off lately...
so many are "biting the dust" it's literally creating a mediatory "dust storm".

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