Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Urban Priorities

Let's get this straight:  if I play my stereo (or even television) too loud I stand to risk getting into legal trouble for "disturbing the peace" or violating some kind of "noise ordinance"...

...but, living in an urban environment, I sort of wonder what their definition of the word "peace" is.

Does it mean that the majority of those who reside in an urban environment prefer to hear loud engines, honking horns, loud-mouth people shouting back-and-forth toward one another, the "serenade" of jackhammers and screeching tires and pounding hammers and construction equipment, emergency sirens screaming by 3 times an hour 24/7---instead of the stray sounds of someone's music or television dialogue?

...that a plethora of chronic non-stop capriciously cacophonic shit-fucking noise is pleasing to their ears
---while structured sounds comprising harmonious notes and chords, steady rhythms, and formally intricate arrangements are considered "offensive" and "unacceptable"?

Urban dwellers are a twisted bunch wonder the gangs and corrupt officials rule the cities so much.

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