Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why is being "mentally ill" such a big deal?

When people think of those considered "mentally ill" all kinds of images and prototypes come to mind: the "zoned-out" loonies who talk to themselves constantly; the dangerous loose-cannon psychopath; the chronically hallucinating schizophrenic; the "antisocial"; the "ever-removed-from-the-world-around-them" autistics.

You'll notice the psycho-chasm most people put between themselves and those labeled "mentally ill"
...as if the mentally ill were, somehow, not human or something---or at least "human" in the same sense as the average "everyday" type person.

In my view, I actually think it's the other way around
...if anything, those with psychiatric issues often tend to be a little TOO human
Think about it:  they tend to be quite sensitive to society's iniquities...they get depressed and distraught in a heartbeat if they experience any kind of mistreatment or condescending attitudes...they're more aware and observant of their surroundings---not always exactly in the most positive way: often noises and environmental nuances (both natural and artificial) most people don't readily notice might either disturb them or entice them in some way...a lot of them are quite emotive---far more so than any average "normal" person could ever be. A lot of times to the point of hysteria (or beyond). Someone with psychiatric issues are far more apt to "fall apart" when "life deals them dirty low blows" than most any "normal" type will...human frailty---the mentally ill are full of them:  they're very impulsive, extremely hedonistic, can be greedy, not concerned with how their actions and behaviors will affect others, have a knack for losing thier inhibitions at the most inopportune times.

Seriously, I think it's the sane, normal people who are not human
...consider what "robo-heads" most people are:  there are about 7 different personality prototypes to choose from.  And whichever one someone chooses they adopt the personna, opinions, dress code, viewpoints, lifestyles, interests and demeanor of that prototype---and, more often than not, also the gender and race base of said prototype as well
...at least a lot of the mentally ill are individualists, if nothing else. A lot of them are quite eccentric and idiosyncratic.

With all the dress-alikes, sound-alikes, speak-alikes, think-alikes, behave-alikes, and the lack-of-variety that exists among the general population---in spite a world population of about 40 billion+
...who are the ones one might consider to be "not human"?

Sometimes I think that, for example, when a normal person goes in for surgery (due to serious injury or illness) and the surgeon cuts them open, it's not to work on any internal organs---it's to remove a damaged or defective circuit board, which they hand over to the on-duty hospital electrician to troubleshoot and, hopefully, repair...so they're not forced to try to create a duplicate replacement.
You see, the truth about all these normal, average, "socially-correct" people you see all around you anywhere you go:  They're all actually a bunch of Frankensteins---arificial creations. They're not real living creations after all.
The "freaks" and "weirdos" are the only REAL people who exist
...but individuality leads to discord, and those who have their own mind and can think for themselves are harder for governments to control---so that's why the world had to invent these "normal" type robots...

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