Monday, June 11, 2012

Food Stamps...and the dogma and popular assumptions surrounding them

A lot of people who are on food stamps are driving around in expensive cars, pickup trucks, or SUVs---and have home theatre systems, video game sets, cell phones, laptops, ipods, cable or satellite TV...

While it's true that there is some abuse of the system by some recipients, a lot of those on food stamps and other forms of public assistance don't even own a motor vehicle---often because they can't afford one and don't make enough money to be able to finance one (not surprisingly). Often one'll usually see people in such positions relying on public transit or on relatives and friends for rides.
As for pricey material amenities, such as laptop computers or cable/satellite television subscriptions and the like do you know these people are paying for them?  That such luxuries were not, perhaps, gifts from certain relatives or friends?  This could also be true of vehicles as well...they could have been gifts as well.

I often see people who use EBT cards purchasing loads of junk food and soda pop.  Or buying expensive steaks or seafood and other pricey items.

One who's on food stamps needs to keep tabs on their monthly allotment to make sure they don't exceed it too soon.
Obviously one should always use good judgment and prudence when shopping (for anything)---splurging should be reserved only for the truly wealthy.
Those who consume excess amounts of junk food are obviously in need of lessons in what comprises good nutrition.
It's important to not only know one's entitlement limit on their EBT cards, but also to try to strategize as much as is possible ways to get the most mileage from their monthly make the wisest decisions nutrition-wise: vegetables, cheese, fruits, breads...protein and vitamins---and like that.

A lot of those on foodstamps are parents with 7...8...9 children---often single mothers.  A lot of these people just keep "popping out" one baby after another.  In fact, a lot of food stamp recipients are, themselves, often 3rd or 4th generation "leeches".  What do you have to say about this?

No doubt there is a lot of abuse and exploitation of the system---and I have no reason to doubt the scenarios you just presented.
But you have to understand, the above only describes a certain percentage of food stamp recipients.
There are just as many recipients who are single and childless, or childless couples---or small families: people with only one or two kids.
And, also, dependency on government services is not necessarily something that "runs in the family"
...a lot of food stamp recipients have siblings, parents, and/or offspring who are either gainfully employed or even highly-paid professionals.  It's only this one individual who's in need of public assistance.
However, there IS something to be said about a lot of uneducated recipients who are perpetuating generations of "a bad cycle"---although a lot of this phenomenon most likely has a lot of strong ties to society's prejudices coupled with the chronic lack of opportunities that seem to plague the "chronically-impoverished" classes of much a reflection of society's shortcomings as it is of the individuals-in-question. 

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