Wednesday, June 27, 2012

People are too sexually obsessed

I don't know about you, but it seems like every time I take a look at any kind of media source---be it the internet, a cable news channel, the newspapers---there's always a story about some kind of sex scandal.
From the sudden surge in the "discovery of" all those Catholic priests who "have a yen for underage male congregation members"---and whose activities have, inexplicitly, gone collectively unnoticed for decades---starting from about 15 years ago or so and beyond, and still continuing to make news even to this day this sudden surge in the number of high school teachers who see fit to carry on romantic and/or sexual relationships with one of their students.
Why are stories like those grabbing so much of the general public's attention? can there be so many foolish and reckless people---a lot of them well-educated and coming from good backgrounds (social-class-wise)?
It's because everyone is so obsessed with anything that has to do with "sexual matters".
For some reason people have problems dealing with their true inner desires
---it's like they're frightened by this fragment of their own being they dogmatize and stigmatize it. They try to categorize it as some sort of "separate entity" which has a realm of it's own, unrelated to the more "normal" aspects of their being.
It's like sexual desires are some sort of crux (or, maybe, even curse) one has to suffer and endure as a consequent of "being alive".

Then, of course, there are plenty of those who celebrate and embrace it.
These are (usually) the privileged, physically attractive and charismatic type for whom "sex" works
...meaning when they have urges and desires there's a better chance of those desires actually being met more-often-than-not.
For them sex is an "ultimate pleasure" and is equated with fun, feeling good, and "partying"---and even considered "recreational personal pasttime".

But for those for whom "sexual matters" don't work to their advantage---or for whom it yields mediocre results---there's a sort of "inner resentment" towards sex as a subject they tend to put all the world's evils onto anything related to "sex"
"Sex" gets equated with violence, criminal activity, lazy irresponsible behaviors, drug addiction and alcoholism, and all things immoral and indecent.

Most people become so militantly self-righteous when confronted by stories of serial rapists or child molesters, behaving as if they've suddenly "come clean" from whatever transgressions they may have committed themselves in their past and are now "appointed by God himself" to pass their moral judgment on the accused suspect.

Paradoxically enough, though, the eternal omni-presence of "sex offenders" is probably as much a product of this culture's "sexual obsession" as is any of the dogmas or stigmas that surround the subject itself...maybe even, in part, because of the stigmas and attitudes toward the subject itself.
With the subject being as "important" as it is in this culture, and with all the subversive eroticalistic influences all around us at all times, it makes it that much easier for one to become obsessed with it
...especially those without the aptitude or emotional stamina to properly deal with their thoughts and intimate desires.

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